Molds are considered to be toxigenic because they produce mycotoxins that are harmful to humans. Most people who have never experienced mold damage might not understand how molds can be devastating to a homeowner.

For those who have recently encountered a mildew or mold damage and are perhaps looking for solutions on how to handle the mold in their home, here are a few tips on what to do and how to go about hiring a reliable mold removal and remediation expert with years of experience in executing such mold removal projects in your locality.

  1. Identify the source of the mold

Knowing the source of the mold or mildew is very vital in preventing a home from such infestations in the future.

Remember, there are several rogue mold remediation companies out there who are only interested in removing the mold and doing quick deodorization processes to remove the smelly odor without conducting thorough tests that will enable the home owner to know the source of the mold.

A credible fungus or commercial mold damage removal company should test the air quality for mold spore counts and conduct various lab tests to figure out the source of the mold before they even start the mold removal processes.

The air indoor air quality tests in relation to the outdoor air quality and sampling is enough to tell the home owner where the smelly odor is coming from so as to take action to avoid unnecessary future expenses for hiring commercial mold damage removal companies.

2. How big is the Mold Damage?

Determining the extent of the problem will help the homeowner know how to effectively deal with the problem the right way the first time.

There are smaller deodorization projects of removing the smelly odor and restoring the home. Essentially, if the homeowner realizes that he or she has a mildew or commercial mold damage on the business building that is beyond 10 square feet, then he can only get mitigation from professional mold removal company that have the right equipment and skills in dealing with the issue.

3. Choosing the right mold damage restoration company

Here is a list of questions that one should ask his or her potential candidates until he finally gets to settle for the best home or commercial mold damage or fungus Removal Company that will give them the best fungus removal from their homes.

4. Do they offer indoor air quality testing?

There are certain commercial mold damage or mildew remediation companies who offer pre or post indoor air quality testing and deodorization while others outsource to other third parties. An established company that follows the standard practice for mold removal will conduct pre and post indoor air quality testing.

Otherwise, a company that doesn’t do that is not a legitimate mold or fungus removal contractor with the right license. That’s probably just a handy man in the neighborhood with a track and a few tools.

Testing the air quality and doing a deodorization to alleviate the smelly odor is the only right way of maintaining control of the remediation process. It also saves the company time and money in extracting the mold in a home.

Other companies prefer asking the commercial or residential building owners to seek for an independent mold mitigation third party to conduct the inspection as a way of assuring the homeowners that they are assured of their high expertise.

Air quality testing by a third party mold removal company is a better way of assuring the homeowner through lab reports that the job conducted is perfect and the home or commercial building is safe for occupation.

Regardless of whether one chooses a remediation company or a mold inspector, the air samples collected should be sent to a qualified American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) approved laboratory for analysis.

5. How experienced they are?

It’s advisable for homeowners to check out the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to see whether the potential mold mitigation candidates have any complaints leveled against them before signing a contract.

Consider reading as many reviews on their online sites from previous clients so as to get a feeling about what most previous customers feel about the potential company for removing mold in a home. In fact, credible companies that are certified and licensed to offer mold mitigation services in any locality cannot hesitate to give out references of their previous clients whenever asked by potential clients.